Realigning America is dedicated to the men and women who are responsible for machinery maintenance, the people who keep America running.

Become an Expert Aligner


The VibrAlign training courses are current, comprehensive, and consistent. The curriculum has been refined over years of time-tested field use, and is constantly being updated. Our classes use the latest technology to keep the material streamlined and consistent. The same course materials are used by all of our trainers, so whether you're in New York or California, you know you're receiving the same VibrAlign training experience. 


Alignment resources you need, at your fingertips.


Realigning America requires up-to-date knowledge and training. If you're working to Realign America, VibrAlign wants to help. We're committed to providing tools, methods, and training that can help workers like you perform more accurate and more efficient shaft and belt alignments. 


Free shaft alignment and machine maintenance seminars.


The Realigning America Tour is a fundamental component in VibrAlign's mission to educate, equip, and empower the industrial workforce of America. VibrAlign believes that educating the next generation of workers is the best way to do that.

According to VibrAlign's CEO, David Zdrojewski, "The current generation of workers has earned the right to's time for new players to come onto the scene. But we've got to be prepared! We have to teach this new generation the new techniques because so much of the expertise is going to walk out of the building... VibrAlign is uniquely qualified to teach people about alignment machinery. It's our business, it's all we do!"

The tour includes free seminars at select cities across the country, offering free alignment, coupling, and machinery diagnostic training aimed at addressing the attendees' specific questions and issues. 


The Realigning America Scholarship Program


VibrAlign will award $500 scholarships to 12 students, three each quarter, with winners drawn from students who submit the winning machinery maintenance essays. The submissions will be judged to select the winners. 

For educational institutions who have at least one student who enters the competition for the quarterly honorariums, we are offering an opportunity to have the use of a laser alignment system for one year at no charge, awarded by drawing.